ZERO is a member of ILC is a global alliance of civil society and intergovernmental organisations working together to put people at the centre of land governance. The shared goal of ILC's over 250 members is to realise land governance for and with people at the country level, responding to the needs and protecting the rights of women, men and communities who live on and from the land.

During the 2015 Assembly of Members, held in Dakar, Senegal on the 15th of May 2015, members of the Coalition adopted a new Strategy for the period 2016-2021:

• The change we seek as a Coalition is clearly envisioned in ILC's 10 commitments to people-centred land governance.

• Building on our strength and niche as a network, ILC focuses on creating opportunities for its members to Connect, Mobilise and Influence.

• Our primary impact is through enabling systematic change at the country-level through our National Engagement Strategies.

• We facilitate engagement with influential changemakers beyond the Coalition, including government and the private sector.

• We have elevated our focus on addressing inequality, in particular gender inequality by ensuring women's land rights and gender justice are elevated and cut across all areas of work.