ZERO Regional Environmental Organisation.(ZERO)



ZERO Regional Environment Organisation (ZERO) is a local non-governmental organisation based in Harare, Zimbabwe. Founded in 1987, the organisation works with rural and urban communities to foster a balanced and healthy environment in a rapidly changing climate. ZERO has been actively involved in developmental issues since 1987. Since then, the institution has devoted considerable time and energy on building an understanding and consensus among the development and environment non-governmental organisations on best practices of tackling sustainable development at both the macro and micro levels. The institution also ensures that the links between sustainable development and poverty are fully understood and fed into the policy-making processes of national governments in the southern Africa region.

Main areas of our focus


We combine three approaches to help people solve some of the world's toughest problems. The approaches that we use are:

Mobilize: ZERO is sensitizing stakeholders to embrace the Sustainable Development agenda in their work. This is done through empowering stakeholders to understand sustainability in developmental work. ZERO is working with Government Ministries, nexus civil society organisation, private sector companies and also communities.

Connect: ZERO works with like-minded organisations/stakeholders for joint action to accelerate efforts towards sustainable development. The idea is to strengthen counter-voice towards duty bearers.

Influence: ZERO is influencing power holders and duty bearers towards sustainable development, engaging with Parliamentarians, private sector companies and Government Ministries and departments. The idea is to change the way of doing business to be pro-poor. The target is to influence policy development to favor Sustainable Development in Zimbabwe.


Collaboration is a vital strand in ZERO's genetic makeup and our partnerships are the foundations all our work is built upon.Collaboration with many other groups and organisations is essential to the success of our national and international efforts. We carry out projects for and work alongside many other international development groups, large and small.